Rogers Family – Ogden Meadow

Do these guys look familiar?  They should!  If you’ve watched the video on my home page or about me page, then you’ll see that they are the cute family that helped me out last summer!  The day we shot my promo video with Kale Fitch Films, was awesome, fast, and a whirlwind!  In the midst of shooting the video and getting from place to place to place, I was not able to give this sweet family the type of session I would have liked to because the day was more hectic than I anticipated it was going to be.  So, when I found out about this perfect Ogden meadow location, I knew that the Rogers family would be the perfect people to ask to help me try it out!  They looked so great and were so happy!  They made my job so easy…again!  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such awesome friends in life!  The thing I love most about this location is how green it is!!!  AND the moutain backdrop…stop. it.  Two of my favorite things together, with it not being much of a drive from my home!  This place is a keeper!

I am so happy that Kylee and Jon agreed to let me drag them along again for pictures!  If you know them, you know that they are smart, kind, and super fun.  This shoot was a blast and even little Harvey and Amelia gave me some sweet smiles even though it was windy and a little cool out.  Did you know that we shot this on a day when there were spontaneous downpours, hailing, and high winds?  We both almost rescheduled with each other, but I’m so glad we waited it out, and lucked out with a good break in the weather because this entire session turned out more perfect than I could have hoped for.

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